Balloon Planet’s guide on what to expect when you bring your balloons indoors or take them outside.

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Balloons. We deliver them and carry only the best quality (Qualatex & Anagram). We wish they would last forever. Unfortunately, like most things, balloons have their limits. Let’s take a look at  floating limitations and answer the question: How long will my balloons float?

In General

Balloons are made of latex, nylon, or foil (mylar). All types are designed to be filled with a gas, some with helium, some with air, and others with a combination of helium and air. The float/display times will vary by balloon and gas type. To keep things simple, we offer a 2-day float/display time guarantee for all of our balloons, with the requirement that they be used indoors. Once they step outside all bets are off. Balloons that do well indoors may not last for more than a few minutes when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Variables to Consider

There are many variables to consider when choosing balloons for your event or gift delivery.

  • Indoor Use
  • Outdoor Use
  • Time of Day
  • Elevation
  • Float/Display Time Required
  • Type of Balloons

Indoor Use

If you want balloons to be set-up or delivered to an indoor setting, you can expect the balloons to last 48 hours, but with a few caveats.

First, the balloons need to be taken indoors immediately and stored in a room temperature space. Room temperature is a range of 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter or colder rooms will reduce the float/display time.

Next, make sure the balloons are kept away from open windows and air conditioning. Direct sunlight from the windows can cause balloons to expand and pop. Air conditioning, or cool air, can accelerate balloon shrinkage and deflation. Also, keep your balloons away from fans and vents.

And of course, make sure the balloons are handled gently. If balloons rub against ceilings or walls while being relocated in a building, they can easily pop and the ribbon tethers can  become tangled. 

The Balloon Planet indoor float/display time guarantee is 2 days (48 hours) from the time of delivery. Contact customer service if you have any issues with this time frame.

Outdoor Use

Balloon Planet does not guarantee balloon float/display times for any balloons used outdoors.

What does this mean?

Once the balloons are officially delivered to the recipient, the balloons must be brought and kept indoors for the 48-hour float time policy to apply. If at any point the balloons are brought outdoors, we can no longer guarantee the float/display life of your balloons.

Why is this?

Balloons are fragile and weather will play a big role in how long your balloons will last if used outdoors. Direct sunlight, wind, grit, hot or cold temperatures and humidity will shorten the lifespan of most balloons used outdoors.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use balloons outdoors. It only means we won’t guarantee how long they will last once they are taken outdoors. This restriction includes balloons used within tents.

How to Keep Your Balloons Floating Longer Outdoors

  • Keep your balloons indoors for as long as possible until you absolutely need to take them outside for set up.
  • Check the weather. Have a Plan B if extreme temperatures or winds are in the forecast. 

Time of Day

The time of day that you choose for delivery is an important detail you should consider when ordering from Balloon Planet.

Is your event early in the morning?

Sometimes, it is better to schedule a balloon delivery the day before an early event. If you store the balloons indoors in a room-temperature space the evening before, the balloons will be ready to go for your early morning festivities.

Is your event in the evening?

If your event begins in the early evening, schedule your delivery for morning or early afternoon. This will give you ample time to position the balloons as needed.  


Let’s consider elevation. As you ascend or descend with balloons, float times are affected.  

For example, Denver, Colorado’s elevation is 5,280 feet. If you have balloons delivered in Denver you can expect balloon float times to be less than if you were having them delivered in Los Angeles, where the elevation is close to sea level. We still guarantee a 2-day float time in both cities, even though the balloons delivered in Los Angles are likely to float much longer than the 2-day guarantee.

Type of Balloons

Balloon Planet uses the highest grade balloons manufactured.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are the traditional, solid-color rubber balloons. They are a staple for birthday parties, weddings, retirement parties, and so much more!

We use a Hi-Float treatment on all of our helium-filled latex balloons. This is a non-toxic sealant that coats the inside of each balloon, thus slowing the loss of helium molecules through the balloon wall. This sealant helps to extend the float times to reach our 2 day guarantee. Hi-Float is very effective as long as the above indoor/outdoor precautions are taken.

Foil Balloons

Balloons made from nylon and foil are often referred to as mylar balloons. This is a misnomer, as no mylar is used in these products. Nevertheless, it’s a term that is still often used. Because the surface of these balloons is more dense than latex, they do a much better job of retaining helium, and they do not require the Hi-Float treatment used  with latex balloons. While we guarantee a float/display time of 2 days for both foil and latex balloons, the actual float time of most foil balloons is much longer.

Other Float-worthy Insights

We do not recommend that customers transport their balloons from one location to another. Most of the time this results in a tangled mess upon arrival, with many balloons popped. Instead, make sure you arrange to have us deliver to the event venue where the balloons will be used.

Enjoy Your Balloons!

In conclusion, float times are variable due to climate, elevation, style of balloon, weather, and more. It is good to be aware of these aspects when ordering your balloons, but creating beautiful balloon displays and delivering balloons is our expertise. We are here to help you with a unique and fun gift or to liven up any party or event.

Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have. You can also reference to find out more details about our delivery policies and procedures.

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