Visit, and you’ll encounter a vast catalog of balloon arrangements, boasting an array of colors and styles. They are balloons great for any occasion, and if you’re curious about how our balloon delivery process works, then you’ve landed in the right place. The delivery process is explained below!

Let’s use your fictional Aunt Molly to help illustrate this process so you can find out how your balloon order goes from ‘Purchased’ to ‘Delivered’.

You have two weeks to figure out the perfect gift for her, but there’s a problem. Aunt Molly lives in St. Louis, Missouri. You live in Naperville, Illinois. You’ll need to send something from states away. What to do?

On top of the distance, there’s the issue of what to buy for her. You know she is an outgoing and fun person, but what is something unique that would be a great gift? We know the answer: Balloons!

So, you visit and enter your Aunt’s zip code and delivery date at the top of the home page. Success! Balloon Planet has a local partner in St. Louis who can deliver to Aunt Molly’s home.

Now it’s time to find the perfect balloon arrangement. Firstly, you click on the birthday balloon section, go to ‘Themes’, and find the ‘Favorite Colors’ section. Aunt Molly absolutely loves the color purple and on this page you find a ‘Favorite Colors-Purple Mix’ balloon bouquet.

And just like that, you’ve found a charming balloon arrangment in all purple. Certainly, the ideal balloon gift for Aunt Molly!

Now, you add this bouquet to your shopping cart and you find that a greeting card comes with your order. You write a sweet, personalized message telling your Aunt how much you miss her and how you hope she enjoys the balloon arrangement. You enter her delivery information and then you click the ‘Purchase’ button, but now you might wonder, what happens next?

Let’s continue the journey of Aunt Molly’s purple balloon bouquet.

1. Order Placed

The balloon order for Aunt Molly is placed. Our local partner in St. Louis, Missouri will handle your delivery. They will receive notification that a new order has been placed.

2. Aunt Molly is Notified.

Up to 48 hours prior to delivery the local dispatcher in St Louis will call Aunt Molly to coordinate a delivery time. This call allows us to confirm a delivery time that is convenient for your Aunt, a time that will ensure she is there to accept the order when we arrive.

3. Balloons Loaded & Ready to Go!

When the delivery date arrives, our partners at Balloon Theory will complete their final touches on your balloon order and will proceed to load the balloons into their delivery vehicle.

4. Balloons are Transported.

The balloons are then transported directly to Aunt Molly’s doorstep in St. Louis, Missouri. Our balloon partners will have your Aunt’s phone number just in case there is a need to contact her at the time of delivery.

5. Balloons Delivered and Email Sent.

Aunt Molly will then receive her balloons, and you will receive a confirmation email by the end-of-day with a timestamp indicating the time in which your Aunt received her balloons.

And just like that, your balloon order is complete!

Whether the balloons are for you or someone else, enjoy the moment or reach out to the recipient to gauge their delight with the gift.

At Balloon Planet, balloon delivery is a streamlined process we’ve been perfecting since 1980. We ensure that our balloons are of the highest quality and handle them with the utmost care. Our longevity speaks to our commitment to customer satisfaction and the happiness of their recipients.

Of course, we always encourage our customers to share photos and videos of their balloon gifts on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Tag us, and we’ll gladly feature you in our newsletters and social media posts!

Now that you know what we do and how we do it, why not try it out yourself? Try it now!