Balloons are fragile, and using them outdoors subjects them to more stress than indoor use. Balloon Planet is a network of balloon professionals from around the United States and Canada. We’ve been professionally arranging and delivering balloons since 1980. We live and breathe balloons. Here are our 5 pro tips to maximize your outdoor balloon experience.

1. Minimize outdoor exposure.

Keep the balloons inside until your outdoor event is about to begin. This reduces the exposure time to sunlight and wind-blown grit, both of which can cause balloons to pop.

2. Use light-colored balloons.

On bright, sunny, hot days, use light-colored balloons. They will reflect sunlight and last longer than dark colors, which will absorb sunlight and overheat quickly. Color Chart

3. Avoid direct sunlight.

The hotter the temperature, the higher the risk that your balloons will pop if they are in direct sunlight. If possible, use your outdoor balloons in a shady area, but make sure they are not in danger of being blown into trees or other sharp objects.

4. Limit cold exposure.

Extreme cold temperatures, anything below freezing, will increase the chances that your balloons will prematurely shrink or pop. Try to limit the amount of time the balloons will be exposed to the cold.

5. Prepare with extras.

Order extra balloons. Assume that some of your balloons are going to pop, and be prepared with extras.

Many of our customers use balloons outdoors with great results, but because of the risks associated with outdoor use, we do not offer any warranty for balloons used outdoors. To learn even more about the best practices for balloon handling, you can visit the ‘Balloon Performance’ page on our official website, Learn about HI-Float, float times, ribbons, and more.

When the party is over, please pop and dispose of all balloons.