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Delivery Procedures

Calling ahead before s delivery is a great way to avoid wasted time and effort. When advance calls are made, please make an effort not to compromise the element of surprise. While we do not recommend calls for business deliveries, we require calls in other cases, as noted below.

With school deliveries, Partners must confirm that the school will accept a balloon delivery. Such calls should be made prior to inflating the balloons and departing with the order.

With no exceptions, regardless of information provided by the customer, Partners must call the hospital directly and confirm that the patient will be present and able to receive balloons at the estimated time of delivery. To be most effective, such calls should be made within 2 hours the estimated arrival time. Otherwise, the patient may be unexpectedly discharged.

Latex deliveries to patients in hospitals are no longer permitted by Balloon Planet. Partners who receive such orders should contact Seattle for instructions.

With residential deliveries, Partners must first call the residence to confirm that someone will be available to accept the delivery. DO NOT INFLATE BALLOONS FOR AN ORDER UNTIL A DELIVERY TIME HAS BEEN COORDINATED WITH SOMEONE AT THE RESIDENCE.

Partners are welcome to call the customer directly for assistance in this effort.

It is acceptable to delay the delivery until confirmation is made that someone will be at the residence to accept the delivery, regardless of the requested delivery time slot.

The initial call to a residence should be made within the first two hours of the scheduled delivery time frame, at the latest. Waiting any longer reduces the chances of successfully coordinating a delivery on the day it is scheduled. We recommend calling the day prior if possible. If no one answers, leave a message and request a return call.

Exceptions to this policy are deliveries to doorman buildings or to residences where the customer has provided other acceptable options.

If a delivery has not been made by the end of the day due to complications in making contact with someone at a residence, please advise Seattle that day so the customer can be advised.

Calling ahead to a place of business can forestall a delivery to a recipient who has left work unexpectedly or called in sick, however, this procedure is not obligatory. If, upon arrival, it is learned that the recipient is out and will remain out for several days, partners should leave the balloons for the recipient regardless.

Partners are required to record the delivery time of each order and the name of the person accepting the order and retain this information for six months.

This information is very helpful in substantiating that a delivery was made should a customer initiate an inquiry several weeks following the delivery date.

The best place to record this information is in the partner’s online account, where notes can be attached to individual orders.

If a customer disputes a charge, claiming an order was not delivered, Balloon Planet will pay the partner if these procedures were followed, unless it is proven that the order was mis-delivered.

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