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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than with a unique and whimsical balloon bouquet? Use our Valentine’s Day Balloon Delivery Gift Guide to help you find a gift. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, surrounded by quirky friends, or simply looking to surprise someone special, we’ve curated a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide featuring a variety of balloon bouquets to match every personality. Let the balloons do the talking and spread the love in a fun and memorable way!

The Valentine List:

  1. Long Distance Couples
  2. Animal Lovers
  3. Quirky Friends
  4. Disney Adults
  5. Super Friends (Besties)
  6. Artists
  7. Young Kids
  8. the Romantic
  9. the Caregiver
  10. Parents and Grandparents
  11. Inpatients
  12. Playful Types
  13. Work Friends
  14. Young & in Love
  15. Wild Cards

Open Heart Bouquets (4 styles)

Long distance relationships come with a miles-long list of obstacles. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be one of them. Open Heart bouquets express your feelings in a precise way — your love knows no bounds. Keeping an open heart helps each of you keep a firm grasp on the importance of a relationship that may not always come easy. As long as your heart is open, you’ll always be there for your love, no matter the distance.

Each bouquet comes with a 42in Ombre Open Heart Mylar balloon. Choose from an all-mylar, or mylar-latex mix arrangement.

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Love Monkey Bouquet (2 styles)

Bring a smile to the face of the animal lover in your life with our adorable Monkey Bouquet. This playful arrangement is sure to capture their heart. The Love Monkey balloon is a large 36in mylar and will drive your Valentine bananas!

Monkeys are just the beginning. Maybe your animal-loving Valentine would like a different animal to top their balloon bouquet. Substitute the Love Monkey for a dog, bunny, cat, dolphin, or many more!

See our animal mylar balloons:

See them all!

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Unicorn Airloonz Displays & Column (4 styles)

Embrace the magic of love with our Unicorn Airloonz Displays & Column . Perfect for those friends who add a touch of whimsy and sparkle to your life. You might describe this friend as something of a unicorn. Or you could see them being the owner of a pet unicorn. Either way, your life wouldn’t be the same without this special friend.

Unicorn arrangements are the perfect Valentine’s gift as they are unconventional and unique: just like your quirky friend! The Airloonz Display stands at 5+ feet tall from top to bottom. The unicorn column is even taller- standing at 7+ feet!

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Minnie & Mickey Airloonz (4 styles)

If you have a Disney adult in your life, you already know who they are. They’re the retired, empty-nest couples that go to Disney alone. They’re the childless millennials that use their hard earned cash to take weeks-long trips to the most magical place on earth. Maybe, you yourself are a Disney adult and want to get a trip for your Disney-loving partner. We’ve got the perfect gift!

Minnie & Mickey Airloonz are ideal for the Disney enthusiasts who believe in happily ever afters. Standing at 4+ feet tall, these Airloonz make a loving statement and will give a thrill to anyone enamored with Disney. And of course, these displays are perfect for kids too.

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Wonder Woman Bouquet (1 style)

Celebrate the superheroes in your life with the Wonder Woman bouquet. A powerful and empowering gift for your super friends. You can turn the bouquet into a DC comics collaboration and add a large Batman mylar to the bouquet. If Marvel is more your besties’ thing, then substitute Wonder Woman for Spiderman.

A super friend saves your life in so many ways, whether it’s being a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or a companion to crack jokes and cry laughing. Your bestie gets you. Show them just how super they are with a bouquet that let’s your love for them soar!

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Valentine’s Gift Columns (3 styles)

For the creatively inclined, our Gift Columns are a visual feast. Express your admiration for their artistic spirit with this unique arrangement.

Write this in your Artistic Valentine’s card:

I wanted to find a way to resonate with your artistic journey. The vertical structure of a balloon column symbolizes growth, creativity, and upward movement. This gift column serves as a metaphor for the continuous evolution and expansion of your artistic expression.

Or, you can just say “I love you.” Either way, this is a great gift for the creatives in your life!

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Olaf Bouquet (1 style)

Delight the little ones with the Frozen Olaf Love You Bouquet. A whimsical and playful surprise that brings the magic of Valentine’s Day to life for the kids in your life.

There are other exciting mylar character balloons to choose from. Whether your little Valentine is into Paw Patrol, Mermaids, or Mario, we’ve got a wide selection to choose from for the most personalized Valentine’s bouquet.

See all of our charismatic characters!

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Heart Stack Airloonz Displays (2 styles)

Elevate the romance with our Heart Stack Airloonz. This stunning bouquet is perfect for those who believe in the power of love. Maybe you are the Romantic in the relationship and you want to really WOW your Valentine this year. Stack your love as high as it will go, and visually represent this love with a 4.5 foot balloon display.

Both adorable and romantic, express your love in a new and fascinating way!

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Big Red Heart Bouquets (5 styles)

Big Red Heart Bouquets are BIG! And so are the hearts of those people in your life who are the caregivers. There are the obvious ones: doctors & nurses. But a Big Red Hearts Bouquet is also great for the grandson that’s always there for you. For the niece that never forgets your birthday. For anyone in your life that goes to extra mile to let you know they CARE.

Send them a bouquet with a BIG red heart and let them know just how much their selflessness lifts you up. They are the perfect Valentine, and these bouquets are the perfect gift.

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I Love You Jumbo Heart Bouquets (4 styles)

Obviously, these bouquets are perfect for anyone this Valentine’s Day, but if you want to show your love to someone whose love for you has never wavered, send one to your parents or grandparents. This is a great gift that provides a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

The 37in I Love You topper balloon is a spectacle and the traditional red, pink, and white colors are a great, festive way to send a gift for Valentine’s Day. Your parents and your grandparents are so important. Let them know it!

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All Hearts Bouquets (4 styles)

If you anyone that you love is in the hospital or nursing home right now, then you know how important gifts and expressions of love are to them. Many hospitals and nursing homes allow balloon gift deliveries, and Balloon Planet can deliver all-mylar balloon bouquets to most of these establishments.

These All Hearts Bouquets are all mylar, all heart balloons that have a variety of styles. They are perfect for inpatients who need a little cheer and some Valentine’s Day fun. Each arrangement comes with nine 18in mylar heart balloons. Mix and match the arrangements for a bold presentation!

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Valentine’s Latex Print Bouquet (1 style)

Cater to the playful and fun-loving souls with our All Latex bouquet. This bouquet is a simple arrangement with 14 balloons total. The versatility of this style of bouquet turns simplicity into versatility! The bouquet looks great together in a bundle. The balloons can be removed from the weight and distributed around the house. Or, and this is the most fun and playful option: You can use the balloons in a fun game of the floor is lava!

A burst of color and joy to brighten their Valentine’s Day, and your goofy, playful friends can create whatever games they’d like. Add some additional latex balloons to the bouquet to create a true Valentine color stunner.

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Valentine’s Latex & Mylar Bouquets (2 styles)

Share the love with your colleagues using our Latex & Mylar bouquets. These bouquets are both professional and delightful without being unnecessarily romantic. These bouquets are great for your work besties, or maybe share the Valentine’s Day fun with all of your co-workers and buy some arrangements for the office Valentine’s Day party.

Holidays should always bring a break to the monotony of the work-day flow, and walking into an office full of heart-centric balloon bouquets is one way to keep things fun.

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Airloonz Teddy Bear Display (2 styles)

When you’re young and especially when you’re in love, Valentine’s Day is very important. Getting the right gift for that first love is especially challenging. Do you go traditional or think outside of the box? At Balloon Planet, we suggest you do both.

Capture the essence of young love with the Airloonz Teddy Bear Bouquet. The teddy bear, a classic Valentine’s Day gift, gets a refresh, with a life-size inflatable representation of cuteness. The display stands at 4 ft tall and with it’s height, your Valentine won’t be able to help being WOWED. Let love young blossom with a life-sized Teddy Bear Airloonz Display!

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Valentine’s Mystery Bouquet (1 style)

Love doesn’t have to be a mystery. But it’s still fun to keep the excitement alive with our Valentine’s Madness Mystery Bouquet. Perfect for those who enjoy a surprise and love the thrill of the unknown. If you know someone who is anti-Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect gag gift. If you are an anti-Valentine yourself and want to figure out something for your significant other, this bouquet is it.

The arrangement comes with an impressive 23 balloons and is a steal with the full arrangement valued at over $200, but with a price tag at $159.95 or lower (depending on your delivery location). Each balloon design varies and the bouquet is curated by our local designer who will have your wild card Valentine bursting with happiness.

Balloon Planet does offer gift bag add ons: including teddy bears, Hershey Kisses, and Jellybelly Beans.

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No matter the personality or relationship dynamics, these unique and delightful balloon bouquets are sure to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. Choose the one that resonates with your loved ones, and let the magic of balloons convey your heartfelt sentiments. Happy Valentine’s Day!