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With so many balloon bouquets and arrangements available on, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on just one beautiful balloon arrangement. To make it easy on you, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite birthday balloon bouquets and décor to help you choose.

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Birthday Airloonz Floor Displays

Why Airloonz? Because they are unique, fun, and best of all they are bigger than life size! Airloonz displays range in size from 4-5 feet tall. You can set them on the ground or set them on a table. You decide! It’s like having a statue inside of your home except, fun, colorful, and FESTIVE!

Birthday Gift Columns

Gift columns are the newest products to be introduced to the Balloon Planet inventory. These unique and eye-catching arrangements use an organic balloon aesthetic to create a fun way to decorate a doorway, a stage, or to set in the living room while the birthday boy or girl opens their gifts. With many themes to choose from, these gift columns are a sure way to boost the décor for any birthday party!

Birthday Bouquets

There are so many ways to express yourself with a Balloon Planet curated birthday balloon bouquet. Keep it elegant with a silver and black theme, or make it fun and bright with our colorful mylar arrangements. We make it easy for you to choose from variations of any theme OR you can create your own arrangement. Learn how to customize your bouquet today.

What do our local delivery partners suggest?

Our partner Tammera Hollerich from Affairs Afloat Balloons in Fort Worth, Texas recommends:

Any of the Birthday Airloonz Floor Displays!

Why these arrangements?

[The] Big WOW Factor!

What’s Tammera’s favorite birthday cake?

Vanilla of course but Nothing Bundt Cakes are the absolute best!

Check out some of Tammera’s great work!

Our partner Allison Dunning from Balloon Art by Merry Makers in Greeley, Colorado recommends:

Airloonz + 2 Big Numbers Birthday Gift Stacker Balloon Display

Why this arrangement?

It is huge, colorful, and really makes an impact when delivered!

What’s Allison’s favorite birthday cake?

Dairy free angel food cake with fresh strawberries and almond milk whipped cream topping!

Check out some of Allison’s great work!

Our partner Jana Levich from Balloonatics Events in San Jose, California recommends:

All of the Airloonz Displays

Why this arrangement?

Easy to inflate, minimal helium required, reliable and impressive!

What’s Jana’s favorite birthday cake?

Hummingbird Cake!

Check out some of Jana’s great work!

Now that you know some of our local partners’ favorite birthday balloons and birthday cakes, maybe you’d like to learn a little more about them! If so, you’re in luck! Click here to view some of partner profiles. about where we deliver and who delivers in your area? Click here to learn about our delivery areas.

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