My name is Jessica Cole and in the summer of 2020, I became a customer service representative for, a website that is bursting with incredible balloon artists. Before getting this position, I didn’t know how to blow up a balloon. I couldn’t even tie a balloon. Fast forward three years and you’ll be interested to find out that I’m still unable to do either. I understand the theory but fail at the execution.

But, that’s okay. I learned at the beginning of my employment that the car salesman doesn’t make the car. I needed to learn how our Balloon Planet Partners created their masterpieces, but not how to do it myself (thank goodness!). That job is better left to the pros or those that have earned the title “balloon artist.”

Like with any craft, some are experts and some are not. Balloon prep, styling, decorations, delivery- all of it – is something reserved for the true professionals. Those who have honed their skill.

A Humbling Moment

At first, I didn’t understand this to be true for balloons. I thought anyone with a few bucks and a healthy pair of lungs could put together an impressive, professional-looking balloon display. As you’re now aware, that assumption was wrong. 

The truth is, you can buy and blow up your balloons, just like you could buy a guitar and strum the strings, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately play Stairway to Heaven. That requires practice. That requires skill.

Our local partner in Hackensack, NJ, Mark Zettler, owner of Life O’ the Party, (who happens to be great at both balloon artistry and playing music) summed it up like this:

“Anybody can blow up a balloon. Not anybody can inflate a balloon.”

The Craft of Balloon Planet Partners

Each balloon artist that makes up are professionals. They have found the art of balloon design for various reasons, in various ways. And in some cases, the art has found them.

Take our Partner in Southampton, NY, Sandra Fiore, owner of Hampton Balloon. At the age of 18, she threw a going away party for one of her close friends at a hotel. She transformed a boring hotel room into an island oasis with balloons and other materials. Sandra’s creativity came naturally to her. She wasn’t vying for a 4-year corporate contract at General Mills when she decorated that party, but because of her innate, creative eye, that’s exactly what she got.  

The Tools of a Balloon Artist

A creative mind simply needs an outlet and most importantly tools. An organic balloon arch is a structure composed of latex, mylar, helium, string, and air. The crafters of these pieces utilize these elements to create not just an inviting event space but to actualize the art in their minds, into the art of the tangible world.

This merger of artistry and balloons is the reason why all of our Balloon Planet customers can rest easy with the reassurance that these creative balloon professionals are the ones crafting their event.  

Take Back Your Time

Undoubtedly, party and event planning takes time. Unfortunately, time is a treasured commodity that most of us have very little of. Balloon Planet understands this issue and our partners are here to take some of those responsibilities off of your plate.  

It is a wonderful thing to have such an impressive community of creators representing We’ve worked hard and will continue to work hard to provide our customers with high-quality, eye-popping arrangements that express the sentiment of every occasion where balloons are necessary.  

The #1 Resource for Balloons

We are your source for all things balloons and we offer our services across the United States and parts of Canada. Our community is ever-expanding to make life’s important events extra special.  Find your balloon artist!

If you’d like to learn more about some of our exceptional partners, please visit our Partner Profiles page.

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