Hosting a Halloween 2022 party for kids can be daunting, if not downright haunting.  How do you make it original?  How can you make it fun for kids and parents alike but still keep things easy?  Try these ghoulishly fun themes and see how Balloon Planet balloons can really BOOst any Halloween-themed party! 

1. Host a Pumpkin Patch Party! 

Halloween 2022 Party Idea Pumpkin Party

Combine Halloween with the world’s obsession with all things Pumpkin.  Grab the milk, pumpkin syrup, and coffee to make your own pumpkin spice lattes.  Purchase some pumpkins and carve your own silly faces and designs with the kids.  Decorate the house with Pumpkin Airloonz Floor Displays, pumpkin mylar balloons, and pumpkin latex balloons.  The house will burst with orange and carry the smell of toasty, sweet pumpkin lattes. Have fun!

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2. Host a Haunted House Party!

Halloween 2022 Party Idea Haunted House

Everyone loves a good haunted house.  Create your own haunted mansion!  Get crafty and use cotton batting to make spiderwebs.  String them around the living room to give the look of an old, creaky, ghastly house.  Find and find a ghastly groove with a haunted house playlist.  And use Balloon Planet’s ghost latex balloons, ghost mylar balloons, and bat mylar balloons to showcase the adorable frights from top to bottom.  

3. Host a Hybrid Halloween /Birthday Party! 

Halloween 2022 Party Idea Halloween/Birthday

If there’s an October birthday to celebrate, why not combine the joys of a birthday with the spine-tingling scares of Halloween. Balloon Planet has both Halloween and Happy Birthday balloon bouquets. Send a mixture of both as a gift or to decorate your Happy Birthday Monster Bash!

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4. Host a Creepy Forest Party! 

Halloween 2022 Party Idea Creepy Forest

Don’t go too deep into the woods! Instead, stay home and create your own whimsical and creeptastic forest. Set up Balloon Planet’s Creepy Tree Airloonz around the house. When the trick or treaters arrive, open the door and give them a surprise!

5. Host an all out Halloween 2022 Bash!

Halloween 2022 Party Idea Halloween Bash

Sometimes a Halloween party just needs the theme of Halloween. String up the skeletons, get the cauldron bubbling, and call all your zom-buddies for a party that is sure to scream Boo-ray! Balloon Planet has all of the classic characters and colors of the season. Bats, Pumpkins, and Ghosts. Orange, Black, White, and Purple latex balloons. No matter what you choose, the party won’t be dead. It will be UNDEAD!

Your Halloween 2022 Party will be one to remember! No matter how you choose to decorate this Halloween, let Balloon Planet be a part of your party