Our top 5 balloon decoration ideas to welcome back your team

No matter how you feel about going back to the office, there is one thing we can all celebrate:  Office parties!  Yes, the infamous office party is back and so are the office lunches, meetings, and picnics. The inaugural welcome back is imminent for many of us, so we’ve compiled a list of ideas to guide you through some of the best balloon decorating ideas for the Welcome Back Office Party and beyond!

Balloon Arches

There’s nothing like a large 25ft wide by 13ft high spiral balloon arch to really set the celebratory tone in the office.  Balloon Planet offers a medium and large option in the spiral design. In addition, Pearl and Organic arches are also available.  These products are great for a building entrance or for a large indoor space.  There are numerous colors to choose from.  Match the company’s colors and wow the team!

Photo Courtesy of The Red Balloon Company redballoon.com

Balloon Bouquets

Without a doubt, balloon bouquets have a great way of getting right to the point.  Welcome Back balloon bouquets make the sentiment known and as a result, the office environment will light up with color and enthusiasm.  The bouquets have a mixture of mylar balloon colors, shapes, and sizes.  You can add balloons to these bouquets to expand the effect or you can create your own arrangement in the ‘Create a Bouquet’ section on Balloonplanet.com.  In short, the options and the creativity is endless!

Organic Decor 

For one thing, organic decor covers a wide array of office decorations.  There are organic arches, columns, and garlands to decorate any space in your office.  The organic design contains a mixture of small-to-large round, latex balloons that create a beautiful bubble design for your entrance decor, photo backdrop, stage backdrop, head table backdrop, and many other spaces.  In addition to the many options available, the color variations are endless. Show some style with organic decor in your back-to-work welcome party!

Photo Courtesy of Up, Up and Away Balloons upupandawayballoons.com, @upupandawayballoons

Ceiling and Floor Balloons 

If you want to be the cool boss, manager or supervisor, go with the ceiling and floor balloons. As a result, a sea of multi-colored balloons will transform your office. And speaking of the sea, shades of blue like tropical teal, navy and robin’s egg are all available.  Conversely, if you’re more of the office jungle-type, we‘ve got green shades like emerald, spring and fashion lime!  So, decorate the watering hole and sip coffee under a ceiling and atop a floor of balloons! 

Balloon Centerpieces and Table Top Centerpieces 

Planning a welcome back lunch with the team?  Try a product such as a balloon centerpiece to make the event festive and bright.  The tabletop centerpieces are 26in tall by 26in wide.  They’re best placed especially on a serving table.  Lay out the delicious lunch spread and adorn the table with balloon fun.  In addition, the pyramid centerpieces sprinkle happiness around the office, so place them from the entrance to the cubicles to the breakroom, and let the team know how much they’ve been missed.  

In conclusion, no matter what your plans are for the back-to-work grind, we know that there are a lot of boxes to check on the to-do list. Balloon Planet removes the stress of party planning and balloon set-up.  We’ll deliver your balloons straight to the front desk, inflated and ready to go.  Kiss DIY goodbye, we’re your balloon inflation, preparation, and delivery station!   Here’s to new beginnings and positive changes in the remainder of 2021.  Welcome back to the office! 

Photo Courtesy of Balloon & Event Construction Co. balloonandevents.com, @balloonconstruction