Each month on the Balloon Planetarium, we will profile one of our delivery partners to get their story on their time in the balloon business. Our first partner is David Weiss from Airheads Balloon Art in Pittsburgh, PA!

David Weiss has been in the balloon business for 21 years. Before then, he worked jobs in hotel construction and real estate, but none of those jobs really seemed to fit him. It wasn’t until he started A&D Party Performers with an old business partner of his that he first got interested in balloons. He started off twisting balloons at parties, along with doing carnival arts, magic, and “really, really bad juggling.” Eventually, his clients started asking for balloon decor, and from there, Airheads Balloon Art was born.

In 2002, David and his wife Leigh-Anne purchased Pittsburgh’s oldest balloon company, Balloons Over Pittsburgh, and grew bigger from there. Since then, he has been involved with some large and notable projects over the years, including a release of 10,000 balloons at the ‘06 MLB All-Star Game, for which David and his crew had to walk all of the balloons a quarter-mile from Heinz Field to PNC Park because the venue was unable to hold them for the setup.

While David gets enjoyment out of just about any balloon project, the ones that he enjoys the most are ones where he gets artistic freedom from a client to create something amazing and have the budget to see the project through. The giant snake sculpture above was done for a corporate event and his teenage son and daughter helped with the installation, like they do for many of his decorating projects.

As a member of the Balloon Planet network, David offers arches, columns, and organic garlands, along with a huge selection of beautiful balloon bouquets. We are happy to have David as a Balloon Planet partner!