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Dear Friends and Partners,

Linda was released from the hospital today after a week of unexpected emergency care. I would like to share the following message which she released early tonight from home. Recent photographs of Linda, her family, and friends, can be seen by clicking here.

Yours truly, Jim Parker

My Dear Family and Friends,

Well, it’s been an ordeal, but finally I feel strong enough to write. I’ve been foolishly waiting for the “right-time” and the “right words,” when really there is no such thing… only the truth.

The truth is that there are many kinds of people in our lives… there are the “Balcony People”, who by experience, and the wisdom gleaned from life, are our affirmers. Balcony People “light up my life,” as the song lyrics say. They are people who take delight in honoring one another. Balcony People not only love us, but have great respect for us. They listen to us with their ears and hear us with their hearts. They cherish each others hopes and are kind to each others dreams.

So when I close my eyes and look into the balcony of my mind… even if you live a world away… I see YOU! You are the one waving your coat over your head, making an absolute fool out of yourself, and yelling, “See that girl down there on the field? Well, she’s the greatest, and I love her… Isn’t she terrific? I need her to carry on!”

I love my family, my job with Pioneer… and all who have allowed me to live this wonderful life… and to make so many, many wonderful new friends. But I am on a different journey now… it’s a little scary… and I honestly don’t know what I would do without YOU in my balcony.

Thank you, dear Balcony People, for cheering my hopes and being kind to my dreams. Because of You, our family is standing a little taller now, and together we will always walk in hope!

Love always,

The Bruce Family (Linda, Louie, Eryn, Frank and Ninja)