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Valentines 2009 Inventory

The 2009 Valentine’s program has been posted on the web site and can be accessed using the Valentine’s banner on the home page. Required inventory items are illustrated above. Product numbers for Loftus and Rainbow are noted below. Pricing can be accessed by logging in to your orders account and clicking on the INVENTORY link.


1 – Love Monkey (Loftus M0-9628/Rainbow 09628)

2 – Hugs Heart (Loftus A0-6932/Rainbow 06932)

3 – Great Catch (Loftus B8-5466/Rainbow B85466)

4 – Love Machine (Loftus A1-4985/Rainbow 14985)

5 – Bubble Heart (Loftus B8-6393/Rainbow 86393)

6 – Valentine Hearts (various designs can be used)

B. YEAR-ROUND INVENTORY (used for customized Valentine’s orders)

1 – I Love You 18in hearts (various designs can be used)

2 – We Love You 18in hearts (various designs can be used)

3 – Plain 18in hearts in Gold, Purple, Red, Blue, Silver, Teal