99% of our orders are delivered successfully, without incident. The remaining 1% end up in the LOST category. They include fraudulent orders and those contaminated with incorrect addresses, incorrect dates, incorrect phone numbers, and a host of other issues. The following procedures have been in place for several years to help us best handle these problem orders, but it helps to periodically review them. Our aim is to operate with uniform procedures that reduce the effort required to get these orders delivered. Let us know if have any suggestions.

1. If the delivery appears to be going to a residence without a doorman, call and establish a time when someone will be there to accept the order. It is important to begin this process early, and it is acceptable to call the day prior to delivery. By waiting until the afternoon of the delivery date to make the first call, the chances of making contact are greatly reduced.

2. If arrangements are made with the recipient to make the delivery on a date that differs from the original delivery date, please advise Seattle dispatch so we can pass this information on to the customer, we really take our customer service serious, we want to improve our Managing Leads startegies.

3. If you have not been able to make contact with the recipient by 12 noon local time on the delivery date, call the customer for assistance. If you are unable to make contact with the customer at that time, contact Seattle dispatch immediately — do not wait until the end of the day.

4. DO NOT INFLATE latex balloons for the order until contact has been made with the recipient or someone in the household and you have confirmed when someone will be there to accept the order.

5. If any of the phone numbers with the order have been disconnected or are incorrect, be sure to redial. If the redial attempts yield the same results, contact Seattle dispatch immediately.

Our online order form will soon be modified so that customers will be able to indicate what type of facility we are delivering to:

RESIDENTIAL — Doorman Apt/Condo, Non-doorman Apt/Condo, Free-standing Home, Gated Community, Townhouse, Houseboat; ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY; BUSINESS – Name of business; HOTEL — Guest or Staff; HOSPITAL — Patient or Staff; THEATER — Performer or Staff; RESTAURANT — Guest or Staff; MILITARY FACILITY; OTHER — Construction Site, Athletic facility, Park, Marina, Airport

We will also be providing space for a second phone number for the recipient.