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This message is a revision of an earlier post and is directed to USA partners only. The new balloons that were to be available on June 15th will nowbe available on July 1st instead. An additional balloon has been discontinued and a new replacement is posted here.

When manufacturers discontinue balloons, we usually get the news with little warning, and it means we need to scramble to change catalog illustrations and get the word out to our partners. Four balloons in our system were recently discontinued. Let the scrambling begin!

The illustration below shows the discontinued balloons and new balloons that will be available to customers on July 1, 2008.

All USA partners are expected to stock these new items as required inventory. To clarify, all three of the Number One First Birthday designs should be stocked.

The First Birthday section was most affected by this latest change. You can now view the revised bouquets which will be offered in the First Birthday section. On July 1st the bouquets in the 200 series will be replaced with those in the 300 series.New Balloons