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There isn’t a week that goes by that our dispatchers in Seattle are not hammered with calls from distressed customers wondering when their orders are going to be delivered. I’m not referring to cases where a late delivery time has been requested, or when a delivery to a residence has been delayed because no one is home. I’m referring to deliveries to business locations where a broad delivery time was provided and our partners have waited until the last possible hour to complete the delivery.

Many customers send balloons to friends in offices so that co-workers can be part of the “I got ballooned” experience. It makes for a great marketing opportunity for us — the more attention a balloon delivery receives, the more future business it generates. If a delivery is made at the end of the day, the “show” is usually short-lived. You may have gotten it there before the deadline, but by waiting until the last minute you may have created more ill will than good.

Each delivery provides us with the opportunity to create a satisfied customer and attract new ones. We can capitalize on this opportunity by getting BP orders delivered as early in the day as possible.