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We occasionally need to issue refunds because candy was overlooked and not delivered as part of an order. Tonight I received the following message in response to an apology I had sent to a customer whose order was shorted. As it clearly implies, for some customers, the balloons without the candy miss the mark big time.

Thank you for the refund. However I think the delivery company should also have to refund part of the delivery charge. I forgot to ask for this, when I talked to you this afternoon. Thank you for your consideration. And can you tell me who delivered them in Tulsa, so I will be sure as not to use them at anytime.

We don’t have a partner in Tulsa — I changed the name of the city to avoid embarrassment. After all, we’ve all “forgotten the candy”. Please reevaluate your dispatch procedures and make sure you have a system in place that reduces the chances of a delivery oversight, not only for candy, but for every item on the customer’s order form.