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Air France arranged for large balloon displays at Seattle-Tacoma Airport when non-stop service to Paris was recently inaugurated.

The first illustration below shows an overview of decorating elements which were used throughout two large terminals.

The second illustration is a close-up of balloon columns in a stylized representation of the Air France logo (as seen above). Each column was created with air-filled balloons, inflated to an 8in diameter, and supported by a bent conduit tube (10ft x 1/2in) which was inserted into a metal base plate.

The third illustration is a close-up of a floor bouquet created with 36in, 24in, and 16in helium-filled latex balloons. These were used in areas of the terminals with relatively low ceilings, where the airline wanted strong visual displays.

The festive beach scene above features an Air France jet landing on the island of St Martin/St Maarten in the Netherland Antilles (300 miles east of Puerto Rico). This little slice of paradise is shared by the French (St Martin) and the Dutch (St Maarten), and is the smallest island in the world to have been partitioned between two nations. Photo credit to

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