space needleYahoo! Google-de-dum! Walla Walla! The BalloonPlanetarian blog is hereby officially launched.

The blog provides tools which make it easier for us to present and archive information. For all but a few purposes, it replaces the Bulletin Board as our primary network communicating tool. It features network news, How To guides, and links to helpful information.

Initial contributions will be made by the editors — Christo de Klerk and Jim Parker. Partners are invited to contribute by posting responses and submitting articles and photographs by email.

The blog can be accessed by clicking on the BP BLOG link on the home page. See the image below for its location. You will be prompted to login only if you want to view secure pages (using your current partner username and password).

If you’re new to blogging, think of the blog as a vertical newsletter. The most recent articles are at the top. When a new article is added, all of the previous articles move down one position. An arrow at the bottom of each page provides a link to the next page. All of the articles will be archived, which means they can be easily accessed using the search feature at the top right of every page. As the blog grows additional features will be added and the overall appearance will be tweaked. Check back often for new postings.

home page link

Welcome aboard!

Jim Parker and Christo de Klerk