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How can such a beautiful product cause so much anguish? Like the Double-Bubble, the latex Geo Blossom balloon can fail miserably if not prepared properly. To ensure that your Blossoms garner compliments instead of expletives, try the following procedures.

1. Use ULTRA Hi-Float®, which works better in hot and humid conditions that other Hi-Float® versions.

2. The shelf life of Hi-Float® is one year unopened and 3 months once opened. When purchasing from your distributor make sure the product is less than 9 months old. Date your bottle once it is opened. Periodically test your current Hi-Float® bottle with a helium-filled balloon to ensure that it has not expired.

3. The complex structure of this balloon makes it difficult to manufacture, and unfortunately the result is a balloon with a higher than normal defect rate. Beauty has its price. Before treating the Blossom with Hi-Float®, over-inflate it with air. This will clear out those that may have weak spots in the surface.

4. Now, for the standard Blossom, attach the air-filled 5-inch balloons, connecting and tying them through the center hole of the Blossom. If using a260Q instead, inflate this with air through the Blossom hole.

5. Over-inflate the Blossom with helium.

6. Allow the Blossom to dry for a few hours at normal room temperature.

7. CAUTION: Do not place latex balloons treated with Hi-Float® into unventilated plastic bags until the Hi-Float® has had several hours to dry. The result will be balloons on the floor the next day. It is acceptable to immediately store treated balloons into ventliated Hi-Float® Balloon Transport Bags.


8. Please include an extra Blossom as insurance during a delivery. It’s much better to deliver a bouquet with an extra balloon than one which is short a balloon.

Using these procedures during a recent test in Seattle, a bouquet of Blossoms floated 11 days.

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