No balloon has resulted in more customer complaints for Balloon Planet than the Double-Bubble. It should be our shining star, and one that clearly puts us in a league far ahead of our competitors. Toward that end, please study the following procedures and see if you’re using the prescribed method. Perhaps you’ve been using 11in balloons for the inner balloon. Or putting Hi-Float® into the outer balloon. If so, you’ll be surprised to learn that we do not use these procedures. The 11in balloons simply look too small. Putting Hi-Float® in the outer balloon just makes a mess. Using the following procedures will yield a handsome balloon that floats for 3-5 days.

1. Start with a 16in Birthday balloon and a 16in Clear Spray balloon.

2. Insert the Birthday balloon into the Clear Spray balloon.

3. Sparingly, treat the inside Birthday balloon with Hi-Float®.

4. Inflate the Birthday balloon with helium, to approximately 90% of full size, and tie it.

5. Using an air inflator (hand-held pump works fine), inflate the outer balloon to full size and tie. Allow the inside balloon float freely.